Totally Money

Project type
Campaign Website
Brian Oko, Jorge Bastos, Elisabeth Hansen, Ana Kuriakose, Shield squad Development team

Summary of the projects

TotallyMoney is a company that helps people in the UK understand how healthy their financial profile is based on how lenders and credit bureaus see them.

As the first UX designer in the company, most projects I worked on were to fix, clean and restructure various flawed aspects of the website and app.

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My role

My title was user experience designer, my role adapted to the necessity. In some projects I was project managing and designing. In some others I was doing testing or quality assurance. In others I was gathering data to find insights on UX or business challenges.

On the following project I worked on the Visual design, UX, IA and project management.

Easy Log in

The people using the app were logged out after 10 min of inactivity, and forced to log in again. This became an annoyance for
people that had and interrupted session several times while logged in. Our objective was to Increase engagement and offer quicker and secure way to log in.


- Prepare for flows you didn't think
- Collaborate closely with the developers to consider flows
- Anticipate error and other states
- Test as much as you can
- Tailor the journey for different users